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Editing No Longer About the Money written by Sherry :)
I have decided to edit this story eunhaesherry wrote for me!! :D
No...I don't have her permission, but I'm sure she won't mind. Besides I'll be giving her the final copy to post!!
In the edit my goal is to make it 30,000 words or more; right now it's at about 22,500.
In order to reach my goal I'm gonna add a few more characters to the gangs and write about their fights; I will also add more details, and information about HyukHae!! XD

Here are the Gang Members:

Hyukjae's Gang: Jewels (downtown)

Lee Hyukjae (25)

Park Jaebum (24)

Lee Joon (23)

Cho Kyuhyun (23)

Kim Sunggyu (23)

DooJoon (22)

Kim Myungsoo - L (21)

Jang Dongwoo (21)

Lee Taemin (18)

Donghae's Gang: East Sea (uptown)

Lee Donghae (25)

Choi Siwon (24)

Nickhun (23)

Nam Woohyun (23)

Lee Sungyeol (22)

Kikwang (21)

Jonghyun (21)

Lee Howon - Hoya (20)

Mir (19)

There they are!! What do ya think?! *eager*
Please do look forward to the edited version neh!! :3


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Those photos are hot and if the story is like the photos, girl i need to read it.

hehe, thank you ;)
I did my best to find HOT photos *evil laugh*
BUT YES They will look like this in the fic
however you have to be a member of eunhae_sherry comm...
are you?
Though I haven't finished the edited version yet *mehrong*

I'm not sure but that can be fix, and yes i request to join the community. thanks for telling me

Edited at 2012-06-08 08:55 am (UTC)

Oh! This looks so interesting and the pictures definitely got my attention ;) Can't wait to read

Thanks!! I changed some characters though!
I don't know when I'll get around to finishing the edited version but I'll do my best!

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