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Immortal Desire - Intro
Title: Immortal Desire
Author: me
Pairing: HyukHae 
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: I just own the plot
Summary: Hyukjae works at a diner. Donghae is his vampire "stalker/protector". Hyukjae has 5 loyal customers that are always stepping beyond their boundaries. Donghae doesn't like this because Hyukjae's body only belongs to him - Hyukjae is his mate. *Sucky summary =3= just read this intro*
A/N: I was posting this on AFF first but I have decided not to post there anymore. Also my lovely loyal LJ friends I'm sorry for not posting this here sooner. :3

He was such a beautiful, handsome male. With his alabaster skin; short-spiky blond hair; plump, red lips; deep brown eyes; and well sculpted body. I could go on, but I couldn't waist precious time. I had to watch over the object of my desire on his long journey home. This had been my routine for the past couple of months - watching the latter go to work, get hit on (which angers me greatly), and guard him on his way home to avoid any possible attacks by those perverted customers. Sure some may call it stalking, but I call it protecting my future mate from harm. That's right, I said mate; however, I'm not allowed to show myself to him until Umma says I can. Why do I have to wait you ask, because I'm Lee Donghae, an 800 year old vampire noble. 


Nobody's POV


Little did Donghae know the young, by human standards, male had noticed his presence for a few weeks now. He began to realize someone was stalking and or protecting him after the constant bird calls and touchy men & women disappeared on his trek home. Determined, the blond waiter started to form a plan to bring his admirer out of the dark shadows. 

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Ah, just finished Smile. Can't wait to read this one too, it sounds interesting!

^O^ I hope you'll enjoy this one as well!!

Just finished reading when you smile. Anticipating this one too! *huggieee*

*huggles & gives cookie* you always read my stories
*cries* so happy :3
I hope this turns out to be a successful story too!

Ohh sound so interesting!
Got free time, so I'm gonna start reading this!! :)

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